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May 1, 2010

Staff off to Turkey to present oil spill training

As many of IBRRC’s response team headed to the Gulf of Mexico to assist with the massive spill unfolding, two of bird rescue’s senior wildlife managers are heading off to Turkey. They will give a week-long training session as part of a larger, regional oil spill plan hosted by the oil industry.

Barbara Callahan and Curt Clumpner will present two training sessions – each 2 and ½ days-long – including an overview of oiled wildlife response and rehabilitation.

As part of this same regional plan, the training team has given oiled wildlife trainings in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and will finish with the training in Turkey.

Attendees include wildlife veterinarians, biologists, wildlife rehabilitators and industry managers in the region.

December 23, 2008

With arrow gone, "Pinky" the turkey back to wild

Good news for Pinky the young male wild turkey who had an arrow lodged in its flank for six weeks: It was caught on Friday, treated and released this weekend in Castro Valley.

Rebecca Dmytryk,of WildRescue with her husband Duane Titus should be credited for their determination in capturing the bird. Over the weekend the arrow was removed at IBRRC’s bird center and today the turkey was released back to the same area it was trapped, at Don Castro Regional Park.

The turkey underwent a two hour surgery to remove the arrow at IBRRC’s Fairfield bird center. The embedded arrow was causing the bird to noticeably limp. However, the arrow also was functioning as a splint for its fractured femur.

Pinky is most likely a North American wild turkey, Meleagris gallapavo. Wild turkeys can run at least 12 miles per hour when being pursued. They also can fly over 50 miles per hour, unless they were pinioned at a young age when being raised as domestic birds.

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