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April 29, 2010

Special hotline numbers for Gulf Oil Spill

IBRRC has been receiving an outpouring of support and phone calls from people wishing to volunteer to help at the Gulf Oil Spill. Although our team has been activated, anyone wishing to learn how they help must contact the BP Community Support Team Hotline at 1-866-448-5816. Note this is voice mail system, so be ready to leave a message with your contact information.

To report oiled wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill please call the Wildlife reporting hotline at 1-866-557-1401.

Note: Please understand that while IBRRC knows you may want to help, we’re not the lead organization in this spill and will not coordinate volunteer resources at this time.

Thanks for your support and understanding,

The IBRRC Team

March 26, 2008

Many ships fail California test for spill alerts

A high number of inspected cargo ships entering California ports are failing routine emergency oil spill drills, according to state inspectors.

In public records obtained by The Sacramento Bee newspaper, 21 of 164 vessel given spot inspections by state officials over the past three years were lacking the ability to make phone notifications within the 30-minute time frame set down by a state law covering maritime oil spill procedures. Often the ship’s crew failed to locate the phone numbers or didn’t understand the task.

The Bee’s story comes on the heals of the Cosco Busan oil spill in which he container ship struck the Bay Bridge, spilling 53,000 gallons of fuel oil into San Francisco Bay. The ship’s crew failed to make the vital phone calls in time, among the reasons the spill grew so large.

Also included in the paper’s report is an illuminating time line from the first 90 minutes of the Cosco Busan spill.

The November 7, 2007 fuel oil spill killed more than 2,500 migratory birds.

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November 10, 2007

Frustration spilling over

This is a large oil spill response for IBRRC. Not it terms of the gallons spilled but the amount of oiled birds being seen by the public and our response team members.

There is great frustration when we can not get to each bird we see oiled. Some of them are hard to catch; others can difficult to reach in spots where mud, currents and obstructions prevent us from safely approaching.

There’s also been a number of dedicated but frustrated folks who have spotted oiled birds in the field. When they called the original 877-823-6926 number to report their findings, the number was busy or not operating. I can tell you I’ve tried the number a couple times and it kicks over to voice mail.

Note: The new new number to report oil birds is (415) 701-2311

Honestly, the system isn’t perfect but if I know our partner, Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN), its working quickly to solve this problem. With the governor’s state of emergency declaration Friday, maybe the solutions will be here sooner.

Let’s hope.