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July 28, 2010

Big hearts, youthful passion to help oiled birds

The Gulf oil spill catastrophe and the plight of the wildlife has touched many around the country. We continue to receive numerous e-mails, phone calls, and contributions in support of our organization’s effort.

One of the great joys is to see children who have been inspired to get involved. Lemonade has been a big seller. Some kids do art. Others a bake sale. In each example, big hearts and young minds come together to give us all hope. Some of these stories follow:

In Martinez, California, 3 year-old Zachary Bigelow wanted to help so bad he was ready to hop a flight down to the Gulf States to lend a hand. He settled on a local lemonade stand. His mom, Allie, explains:

Zachary first learned about the oil spill on the news radio and then saw photos of the birds that were affected by it in the New York Times and online and they really upset him. His initial “plan” was that he thought he should head on down to the Gulf Coast on his own to clean the birds, but I had to squash that idea (we will do that when he is a little bit older). He settled for the idea of donating some money for them and decided he wanted to have a lemonade stand since he didn’t have much in his piggy bank at the time. 

He wrote a letter to the Trader Joe’s store in Concord (Concord Avenue) and asked them to donate lemonade; they generously provided him with 2 cases of organic lemonade. He then asked the manager of the Sports Basement store in Walnut Creek if he could sell his lemonade in front of their store; they were very helpful in finding a good weekend that would guarantee lots of traffic. He asked friends to bake goodies to sell to improve his profits; our friends Adam Welcome and Erica Kain provided some really delicious baked goods for him to sell. He made all of his signs himself and did all of the selling unassisted…mom and dad were just there to pour! When all was said and done he sold lemonade for 6 hours, selling every single drop of lemonade donated by T.J.’s and every last cookie and brownie and raised $355.

Over the Fourth of July, kids in Evanston, Illinois raised money for rescuers by selling lemonade.

And from New York we got this note and photo from Alicia Salzer:

“I just want to thank you for the work that you do. My daughter Piper, age 5 was so upset by the idea that birds were being hurt by the oil spill that she decided to make special painted sea shells and sell them out of her red wagon on Fire Island here in New York. Everyone who passed stopped to look and when Piper told them about the cause she was supporting of course they bought up those shells and in a few minutes we had totally depleted her “stock”.” 

“I recently sent in her donation of $26 via your website. But I wanted to also send you a little picture of her hard at work in the hopes it warms your heart as it did mine and inspires you to keep up the great work that you do caring for creatures caught in the crossfire.”

Another young fellow, Jonathan, who is only 4 years old, helped his mom sell Pelican Aid Lemonade near his home in New Orleans instead of selling off his treasured toys.

“I want to help the pelicans,” Jonathan said, realizing he couldn’t help save oiled wildlife directly. “Because (the oil will) get in my eyes and ears and nose and mouth.”

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November 8, 2009

Digging deep: Kid’s donation to help treat birds

We got the nicest note from a kid this past week that always helps keep us moving forward in our bird rescue efforts:

I hope these 50 dollars can help save some birds lives. I just wanted you to know that $34 of those dollars are from my allowance. I’m really glad they can help a really good cause!

– Sequoia, age 11, Fairfax, CA

It reminded us of the remarkable school kids led by 9-year-old Haley Gee in Berkeley two years ago during the Cosco Busan oil spill. Motivated by seeing oiled birds dying, she and her group got a bucket and started asking everyone she met for donations.

She decided to help International Bird Rescue Research Center’s year round efforts treating injured and orphaned aquatic birds and waterfowl. Within a week she and her fellow bird club members at the Berkeley Montessori School raised about $400. Because of Haley’s efforts, others stepped up to help as well. Haley Gee Fund info

January 9, 2008

School kids helping out: "Dimes for Ducklings"

After seeing news reports on the Cosco Busan oil spill, a fourth grade class in New Jersey raised nearly $600 to donate to help save more birds. The class created a campaign they called “Dimes for the Ducklings” and made posters and sent morning announcements telling other students about the plight of oiled birds.

This was all done under the direction of teacher Kathleen Zapoticky at Adamsville School in Bridgewater, NJ. Kathleen said the school raised $578.00 in three weeks and she used the money to adopt a snowy egret, a duckling, a great blue heron, and a pelican. She also purchased t-shirts to reward her students for all their hard work.

A big thanks to the Adamsville School community and the wonderful fourth graders who participated in this well meaning event.

The school on the web: http://www.brrsd.k12.nj.us/adamsville/adamsville_school.htm