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November 20, 2007

Moved to action: 9 year old Haley Gee

“Mother nature is sick. We need to help her,” says Haley Gee.

Motivated by seeing an oiled bird from the Cosco Busan spill disaster, animal lover Haley Gee, a 9 year old from Berkeley, CA got a bucket and started asking everyone she met for donations.

She decided to help International Bird Rescue Research Center’s year round efforts treating injured and orphaned aquatic birds and waterfowl. Within a week she and her fellow bird club members at the Berkeley Montessori School raised about $400.

In honor of her efforts, a special fund has been created, Hayley’s Bird Rescue Fund. All monies donated into this fund will be used towards treating the thousands of birds IBRRC treats every year at its two California bird centers.

In Haley’s own words:

“I saw a picture in the newspaper a few days after the spill. The picture was of a bird that was covered in oil. I felt really sorry for the birds and all the birds in the oil spill because they didn’t do anything wrong and a lot of them have died. Oil makes the feathers lose the power to keep air next to their body so they get cold…”

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