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November 2, 2009

How you can help the birds and IBRRC

Lot’s have people are asking how they can help IBRRC during this busy time. Besides a direct monetary donation, you can still help us by buying a bottle of DAWN Dishwashing liquid or purchasing items from the IBRRC online store.

We’ve got IBRRC t-shirts, hats, lapel pins and photo cards. All the proceeds go to help us take better care of distressed, oiled and sick birds. All orders are processed through PayPal. See our store

The Dawn Saves Wildlife program is still going strong and has raised nearly $140,000 to be split between IBRRC and the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. After your purchase a bottle of DAWN, you go to their website and “register” the bottle’s unique number. It just takes a minute.

By the way, every year Procter & Gamble also donates cases and case of its products to help care for birds. We’ve been using DAWN for almost 30 years to clean bird’s feathers.

June 12, 2009

Big help: DAWN’s Everyday Wildlife Champions

Want to help us save more birds? Checkout the new DAWN “Everyday Wildlife Champions” program that is getting underway this month.

It’s easy: Buy a bottle of DAWN dishwashing liquid at your market this summer, register it online and viola! IBRRC and the Marine Mammal Center in California split a $1 per bottle.

The two wildlife rescue organizations can collectively raise up to $500,000 in this program. And with the current economic climate, every dollar counts. Please won’t you help us? Cleaning dishes never felt so good!

You’ll need to “register” your bottle on DAWN’s website. They just want your bottle ID, your zip code and the store where you purchased the DAWN.

Details at www.dawnsaveswildlife.com

Also see the IBRRC website for more background on our 30 year partnership with DAWN

June 12, 2009

Join Minnie Driver on DAWN’s new Facebook page

Join actress Minnie Driver on Facebook and others as they connect with the DAWN “Everyday Wildlife Champions” program. The promotion contributes 50 cents to IBRRC if you buy and register your purchase.

“Marine wildlife preservation is a significant issue to me, and I’m always looking for ways to become more deeply involved,” says Driver. “I have partnered with Dawn® and Everyday Wildlife Champions™ to further raise awareness for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.”

DAWN is continuing over 30 years of support for wildlife rescue efforts through their national program called “Everyday Wildlife Champions.” This program will allow consumers to become part of the movement to save and preserve our delicate marine ecosystem and the animals that call it home through their purchase of a bottle of Dawn.

With your help, IBRRC and the Marine Mammal Center in California can earn up to $250,000 each in this program to help save more animals.

So get involved and do a good turn. Join the Facebook page now: www.facebook.com/dawnsaveswildlife

June 3, 2009

For the birds: Buy Dawn, sign-up online

For 30 years IBRRC has used Dawn to save the lives of birds and other aquatic animals covered in oil. We discovered that Dawn is an effective way to clean and rehab animals—strong enough to remove the oil quickly, but mild on their skin and feathers. And Dawn has been donating their product to us ever since.

And now, Dawn is increasing their support by helping us fund more conservation projects. Through their new Everyday Wildlife Champions campaign, each time you buy a bottle of Dawn and go online to activate your donation using the bottle donation code printed on your bottle, one dollar* is donated to our organization, funding important efforts that strengthen our animal care.

We truly appreciate the continuing support of Dawn. I hope you’ll join us and buy Dawn to help make a difference for animals and the environment.

Jay Holcomb, Executive Director, International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC)

*Up to $500,000. You must activate the donation online