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June 2, 2009

Rescued cormorant eggs get a chance at life

When the guano droppings from the Double-Crested Cormorants nesting on electric towers began to cause problems for the local utility in the South Bay region of San Francisco Bay, it had to take action to repair the damage. Unfortunately it had to remove some of the nests and eggs to prevent further damage to the electrical infrastructure.

IBRRC was called in to help take care of the birds and is now incubating eggs and rearing some of the cormorant chicks that came from these 5 or 6 towers. So far 30 have hatched.

Plans are now in place to prevent the birds from nesting on the towers in the future so this will not occur again.

In the mean time we are posting pictures of the birds as they grow from egg to adulthood and are released. This is the second time we have raised and rehabilitated baby cormorants from eggs. Last year we raised a small batch of cormorants and had about a 60% release rate of wild, healthy juvenile cormorants.

Follow their growth and rehabilitation with us. See the original posting with more photos on our Facebook site