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February 10, 2010

Answering the call: Rescuing cold, wet pelicans

We posted a new video on our YouTube Channel as a rescue team from International Bird Rescue Research Center responds to a call about 30 cold, wet California Brown Pelicans in Los Angeles Harbor area.

The San Pedro center has received numerous calls from the public reporting dead, dying or sick birds along the Southern California coast since early January.

IBRRC now has more than 350 pelicans in care at two California bird rescue centers. Between the two centers, IBRRC is feeding a 1,000 pounds a fish a day to pelicans in care.

We’re appealing to the public for cash donations to help pay for treatment of these majestic birds.

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January 15, 2009

New pelican report: Cold weather to blame?

A New York Times story about the pelican crisis is quoting a state wildlife veterinarian that says the birds were brutalized by Mother Nature’s cold fury.

“Pelicans were observed in the middle of that storm and then seen moving south,” said David A. Jessup, senior wildlife veterinarian for the California Department of Fish and Game. About a week later, he said, ill birds started showing up on the California coast and further inland.

The tip-off for scientists, said Mr. Jessup, was frostbite. “It was severe in a lot of cases,” he said. “There were legs, toes and pouches frozen off.”

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