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May 20, 2009

Quandary in Maine: Eagles attacking Great Cormorants

What to do bird biologists do when one rare avian species starts eating another?

The USA Today has an interesting story this week about the quandary presented as young Bald Eagles attack struggling bird species in greater numbers, especially the Great Cormorants in Maine.

“These young eagles are harassing the bejesus out of all the birds, and the great cormorants have been taking it on the chin,” Brad Allen, wildlife biologist with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The online story is worth a read and it’s entitled: Flourishing eagles feast on Maine’s rare seabirds. Read it

Image: Bald eagle, via Wikipedia

May 4, 2008

Good news for Bald eagles oiled in Alaska

There’s good news for most of the 30 Bald Eagles saved in Kodiak, Alaska in January after they tangled with a truck full of oily fish guts. At least 26 birds were successfully released back into the wild in the Kodiak area after being cared for at the IBRRC/Bird TLC bird center in Anchorage. Only two area still in care. Here’s the latest tally:

– 30 birds received
– 1 died the first night
– 29 birds washed
– 1 self released
– 28 birds moved to flight pens
– 1 bird developed a wing abscess
– 1 bird found starving & returned to Bird TLC

(As of this week, only two of the 30 original birds are in care)

Back in mid January 50 eagles of the majestic birds were coasted in fish oil after landing in an uncovered fish guts truck at the Ocean Beauty Seafood company. 20 of the birds suffocated with the birds rushed the truck. See the full story on the IBRRC website