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June 12, 2020

49 Bird-inspired Recipes To Sweeten Stay At Home Days

Do you love birds and want to support their care? Love to bake, too? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a whole volume of bird-inspired recipes to help sweeten these social distancing months for you and your loved ones!

Become a Bird Rescue Member now at the $49 level and we will send you a digital version of our “Sweet Tweets: 49 recipes for 49 years”. Your membership fee supports our work year-round saving water birds. And with the cookbook, you can bake up scrumptious treats to celebrate our 49th Anniversary with us, no matter where you are.

You’ll find recipes for how to make a flock of delicious goodies: from Pied-billed Grebe Apple Pie to Surf Scoter Scones to Sand Hill Crane Sugar Cookies. Order now

The recipe book was created by the Bird Boosters – a dedicated group of volunteers bonded by their love and admiration for International Bird Rescue. The boosters work collaboratively on special projects that help raise funds and highlight the great accomplishments of this 49-year-old organization.

August 24, 2017

The Story of Spot Has A Very Happy Ending!

Photo of Grebe with spot on head

Dear Friend,

The spring and summer months at International Bird Rescue bring new life, and with it a special time of wildlife rescue and care: Baby Bird Season. This year, an exceptional story about one of our smallest patients left its mark upon me.

This is the story of Spot (and it has a happy ending!)

On May 29th, a tiny, orphaned bird with silver down entered our care weighing only 185 grams, which is approximately the weight of just 30 quarters. This baby, shown in the first photo, is a Western Grebe, a kind of diving bird that is equally at home in fresh and salt water. While we never name the wild birds in our care beyond a simple number to track them, we’ll call this adorable fellow “Spot” for the sake of our story.

As they grow, these cute-but-drab babies become elegant adults with a black head and red eyes. Western Grebes live in large flocks, are adept at fishing, and have perhaps the most elaborate breeding ritual of any animal in North America.

But these baby grebes carry an extraordinary trait that has become most meaningful for us at Bird Rescue. As a chick, the Western Grebe has a patch of bare skin on its forehead, which remarkably turns a bright red color when the chick is hungry. Once fed, the “red dot” fades away and will not come back again until the chick is once again hungry.

You can help us save the lives of birds in critical need. Please give today!

The red dot has ultimately become the symbol of our center’s greatest challenge this year: FISH. Fish are the main food staple for most of our patients. In order to tame the red dot on Spot’s forehead, we needed to feed him small amounts of fish every 20-30 minutes at first, and then gradually larger amounts but less frequently as he grew.

We use human-grade fish in order to ensure that our patients have the best possible chance of success, but this also creates serious challenges for our budget. Overfishing and warming ocean waters are leading to challenges in finding affordable, high-quality fish to feed our patients. Bird Rescue’s fish budget has more than doubled this year!

Please join us in providing a basic need: life-supporting food source for the most vulnerable birds that share the environment with you. Your donation today helps bridge the gap!

Not every bird has a red dot to quickly tell us when they need food, but EVERY bird in our care is hungry. The daily and sometimes hourly feeding schedule for our patients, coupled with the high cost of fish, has given Spot’s red dot a special meaning this year, reminding me how hunger is ever present and urgent for all the birds at our clinics; and that is 221 mouths to feed as I write this letter!

If you are reading this note, we know that you already appreciate our work and I’m writing you today to ask for your continuing support by sending us your donation.

$45 is our annual membership dues and it feeds a baby bird like Spot for a month.
$90 will feed two birds for a month.
For $335, you can feed all the birds in our care for an entire day!

Spot’s journey from our smallest patient to full health as a young adult ended in his release back into the wild on July 14th. The second photo shows him majestically transformed into adulthood as he was swimming away to join a group of Western Grebes at Clear Lake in California. Though we may never know his destiny for sure, we let Spot take flight with many hopes for a bright future for him and all the birds. We are so grateful to you for being a supporter of yet another successful bird rescue story!

You can find a video of Spot being fed and the beautiful mating dance of the Western Grebes on our Facebook page where you can follow and like us. To learn more about all of our critical work, please visit our website at www.bird-rescue.org. As always, we stand prepared for wildlife oil spill response AND our door remains open 365 days per year to assure a safe healing place for all birds otherwise in need.

How will you help a bird today?

Warm wishes from all of us at International Bird Rescue,

P.S. Remember to donate a membership for your friend and we will send them a card welcoming them into the International Bird Rescue Family!

September 19, 2016

We’ve Re-launched Our Membership Program and We Hope You’ll Come Aboard!

Bird Rescue Membership Car Decal

Bird Rescue Membership Car Decal

You have helped us rehabilitate over 6,000 birds each year by supporting our work through donations to Bird Rescue. Thank you for your interest and gifts when you are able to make them — every gift is impactful, from the $5 one-time donation, to time spent by volunteers, to the thousand dollar gift or grant given. As we celebrate our 45 years of service together, we thought it was a great time to re-launch our membership program!

So what is the membership program, anyway, you might ask? It’s a one-time membership fee of $45 that gets you a year of member-only communications and a car decal to raise awareness for Bird Rescue.

Let’s get people talking about who we are as a Bird Rescue Family. From the person you park next to at the grocery store, your neighbor, your mom, daughter, son, dad, best friend — the people that you interact with everyday! We need ambassadors like you to bring life to the New Membership Program.

Our logo of the Pelican and Murre represent the connection to the fascinating world of aquatic birds, while the blue color identifies the hard work of our dedicated team of clinical staff. As their beaks almost touch, it shows that moment of connection between the birds and the people that care for them.

This brandmark is a symbol of the importance of wildlife rehabilitation for a healthy and vibrant community and ecosystem. It is a reminder to teach our youth about wildlife rehabilitation in the hopes that they will become our future conservationists.

Bird Rescue Membership Car Decal

Placing this decal in a visible place is a simple, but effective way to remind people about the wondrous life of birds. Will you join the flock and help raise awareness of the importance of oceanic birds today?

BIG thank you to those that have already joined and please feel free to email Michele Johnson, our Membership Manager, at: michele.johnson@bird-rescue.org, if you have any questions about this NEW Membership Program. Thank you for your continued interest in the health of our aquatic avian species!

April 21, 2016

Double your impact on the birds!

Dear Fellow Bird and Nature Lovers,


As we celebrate our 45th year of saving birds at International Bird Rescue, we are asking you to help us take advantage of a wonderful offer we’ve received from a generous donor.

This person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has pledged to double the first $10,000 worth of donations made to International Bird Rescue to celebrate our 45th anniversary! What this means is that donations made now will go even further in helping us save sick, injured, and orphaned aquatic birds just like the over 6,000 birds we helped last year.

As you probably already know, the funds we receive from you and other bird and nature lovers support our day-to-day bird rescue operations, which involve caring for many different patients such as a male Surf Scoter that was found on a beach in Monterey and brought to our San Francisco Bay facility. When this patient was closely examined by our dedicated clinic staff, they discovered and removed a 3-inch piece of metal from his left shoulder. See Facebook post

The State of California provides partial support to our two state-of-the-art California wildlife clinics to enable them to respond quickly to oil spills. But this funding represents only a small portion of what it costs to operate our facilities 365 days a year, rescuing, caring for, and rehabilitating thousands and thousands of birds annually.

If you believe in the work we do and share our belief that we humans must make efforts to mitigate our impacts on birds and the natural world, please make a donation today.

Remember, your contribution will be doubled. And no amount is too small it truly does take a village of compassionate, caring individuals to make a difference. Prefer to donate via PayPal? Click here

With appreciation,






JD Bergeron – Executive Director
T: 707.207.0380 x102










April 9, 2015

Your Donation Goes Twice As Far…


Dear fellow bird lover,

After helping raise 1,400 baby birds last year, THIS spring is clearly going to be another busy season!

Last week we received a “Duckling Dozen” rescued by a California Highway Patrol officer and our friends at Solano County Animal Services. These 12 ducklings were rescued from the freeway after the mother duck lost her life. After closing the freeway, rescuers scooped the frightened birds up and quickly brought them to our San Francisco Bay Center.

Three goslings are some of the other baby birds in care this month at IBR. Photos by Cheryl Reynolds

Three goslings in care this month at our San Francisco Bay Center. (Top) Lots of orphaned Mallard ducklings, including these rescued from a local freeway.  Photos by Cheryl Reynolds

This is where we ask you to help support these precious lives.

Become a member now during our Spring Membership Drive and a generous donor will match your contribution up to $10,000! Just think, we can double your donation to support the birds!


We want to encourage monthly donors too, so we have special offer provided by ALEX AND ANI and their philanthropic division, CHARITY BY DESIGN. Supporters who become monthly donors will receive the ALEX AND ANI ‘Sacred Dove’ charm bangle, a beautiful piece from the ALEX AND ANI collection. It’s a wonderful way to show your support for the birds that inspire all of us every day. And you’ll be an official member of our Seabird Circle. Your pledge of $15 a month or more as a sustaining member makes it all possible.

With encroaching development squeezing out the available habitat for wildlife and changes in our climate, our patient-load continues to grow. Your support is needed more than ever to help us get through what we know will be a season full of animals in need – they need our lifesaving support to help them through being orphaned, entangled in fishing line, sick or injured.

Won’t you please join our Spring Campaign and help us meet our goal of raising $20,000 and help us help the thousands of wild birds that will need our help this year?

Thank you again for your unwavering and generous support,

Barbara Signature




Barbara Callahan
Interim Executive Director

March 30, 2015

Join us in our “Every Bird Matters” Spring Membership Drive!

First Duckling of the Spring baby bird season. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds

First duckling of the Spring baby bird season. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds

Dear fellow bird lover,

Our first baby ducking showed up this week, signaling the start of beautiful and busy spring.

It’s already been a busy winter and we cared for hundreds of seabirds affected by the “mystery goo” event in San Francisco Bay. More than 160 of those birds have been cleaned and returned the wild.

Without a responsible party, we funded this extraordinary response with contributions from the public – bird lovers like you, who believe wildlife needs more support than ever, and they’re right!

To help us continue our “Every Bird Matters” programs we are asking all our supporters to join through our Spring Membership Drive. This will insure that we have funds to meet the need of thousands of baby birds that will flood our two California centers. Our goal is $20,000 for this drive.


A wonderful donor has offered to match, dollar for dollar, any donations up to $10,000! What a great way to make your donation go twice as far and help us continue to save thousands of sick, injured and orphaned birds this year!

We want to encourage monthly donors too, so we have special offer provided by ALEX AND ANI and their philanthropic division, CHARITY BY DESIGN. Supporters who become monthly donors will also receive the ALEX AND ANI ‘Sacred Dove’ charm bangle, a beautiful piece from the ALEX AND ANI collection. It’s a wonderful way to show your support for the birds that inspire all of us every day. And you’ll be an official member of our Seabird Circle. Your pledge of $15 a month or more as a sustaining member makes it all possible.

Mallard Duckling at SF Bay CenterOr, you can make a single gift by clicking here. Whatever the level, all our supporters are bird rescue heroes.

We see evidence everyday that the environment is changing and we receive thousands of birds each year that are harmed by human impact, whether it is fishing line entanglement, urban encroachment or pollution. To quote our past director, Jay Holcomb, “When you stop caring for the individuals, you’ve stopped caring about the population”.

Your gift is crucial to ensuring we continue to give world-class care to birds in need, including this Brown Pelican, injured by a gunshot to its wing and in care right now at our Los Angeles Center.

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us continue to help the birds.

With deepest gratitude,

Barbara Signature



Barbara Callahan
Interim Executive Director

December 9, 2014

Grebe Tidings to You! (An update on the year-end drive)


Dear Friends,

Good news! Thanks to your support, International Bird Rescue’s year-end online giving campaign is off to a great start. As of today, we’ve raised 61% of our $30,000 goal.

Not only is a year-end gift to International Bird Rescue tax-deductible, but also it supports a growing number of patients coming to our wildlife hospitals as winter arrives.

Among them: 16 Western Grebes currently being treated at our Los Angeles center. This species, shown above, is commonly affected by marine pollution as well as severe storms, which can knock grebes to the ground in urban areas where they cannot regain flight (grebes need a runway of water to become airborne).

All grebes are labor-intensive patients. They’re also wonderful birds that we hope will be common sights along our coasts for generations to come. The Western Grebe’s courtship ritual is the stuff of avian legend!

This season, you can even “adopt” your own grebe, and we’ll send an official adoption certificate to you or to your gift recipient. Please allow up to two business days for an email version to be sent out, and one week for a certificate via standard mail.

December 31 is coming soon! Please make a tax-deductible gift to help us meet our goal for the birds cared for 365 days a year.

Warmest wishes this holiday season,

Barbara Signature

Barbara Callahan
Interim Executive Director

September 16, 2014

Renew your membership now and…


Dear friends,

Every fall, we humbly ask you to join or renew your membership with International Bird Rescue.

What we cannot say enough is, Thank you. A majority of our funding comes from people like you. And thanks to a longtime generous donor, when you join as a new member or renew your membership, your gift is DOUBLED.

IBR-breakdownIn 2014, we’ve seen it all: A pelican’s throat slashed by unknown assailants, a tiny aquatic patient among California’s most threatened, a colony of Black-crowned Night Herons disturbed by tree trimmers that resulted in our raising of many orphaned chicks … the list goes on and on. We even said goodbye to our beloved executive director, who left an indelible mark on the world of wildlife conservation and rehabilitation.

Will you help secure a solid future for this vital work? Your membership dollars support:

• The expert animal care for thousands of birds each year at our wildlife centers

• A global oil spill response team that ­has led emergency efforts on six continents

• Research and advocacy into seabird health and conservation that are critical to understanding global marine issues

And thanks to our partners, we have some wonderful perks for your membership. Click here to check them out! Join our Seabird Circle monthly giving program at $20 a month and you’ll receive all three gifts!

There’s never been a better time to become a member or to renew your membership.

Your support makes all the difference. And now you can double your impact through a matching gift from an anonymous donor. We need your support in order to secure this matching donation.

Every bird truly does matter. And so does every member.


Barbara Signature

Barbara Callahan
Interim Executive Director

Puffin photo by Kenneth Cole Schneider/Flickr Creative Commons

March 20, 2014

Give during our spring drive and your gift is DOUBLED!

Basic-Membership 3 Sustaining-Members

Dear friends,

In a few days, we’ll be marking a sobering milestone: the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska. Shortly after midnight on March 24, 1989, the oil tanker struck Blight Reef in Prince William Sound, home to more than 220 bird species.

International Bird Rescue’s response team was crucial in efforts to save as many oiled birds as possible. Out of this tragedy, we developed new methods of transport and stabilization, and launched an international internship program that has trained people from around the globe on how to save animals affected by spills.

Thanks to the generosity of two longtime supporters, we’re pleased to launch our spring donor drive with a dollar-for-dollar match. We have a $25,000 goal for our spring drive through the first week of April. Your gift is crucial to ensuring we continue to give world-class care to birds in need, including this Great Horned Owl, recently brought to our Los Angeles center contaminated with a clear substance on its chest and under its wing.

Alex-and-Ani-Bangle-PromotionWhat’s more, sign up today as a monthly donor of $10 a month or more, and we’ve got a special gift for you: the feather bangle by Alex and Ani. It’s a beautiful way to show your support for the pelicans and other birds that inspire all of us every day. And you’ll be an official member of our Seabird Circle. Your pledge of $10 a month or more as a sustaining member makes it all possible.

Or, you can make a single gift by clicking here. Whatever the level, all our supporters are bird rescue heroes.

Thank you for your support,

Jay Holcomb-Signature

Jay Holcomb

P.S. – Also, read about our advocacy work with Audubon California calling for coordinated monitoring of the Brown Pelican in an Los Angeles Times op-ed here.

Great Horned Owl 2

October 8, 2013

The fall membership drive: We’re almost there!

PBGR and COMU's in care at SF Bay CenterCommon Murres and a Pied-billed Grebe share a diving bird pool at our San Francisco Bay center, photo by Cheryl Reynolds.

Good news! We are nearly at the finish line for our fall membership drive. If you’ve already signed up, thank you so much for your support. As of today, we’re Tally-with-feederat 98% of our $30,000 pledge goal.

This week, a few lucky new members will take home this Bird Cafe Feeder from our friends at Umbra!

Click on the below buttons for sustaining member and basic membership info.

Sustaining-Members Basic-Membership 3

September 12, 2013

The International Bird Rescue membership campaign: Win a pelican iPhone cover!

Stephanie Kiker Designs-iPhone Cover

headerbarInternational Bird Rescue is fortunate to have some truly amazing small business sponsors. For this week’s shout-out, we highlight the work of Stephanie Kiker, a North Carolina-based designer who has donated beautiful, illustrated pelican iPhone cases for our membership drive (available in both iPhone 4/4S and 5 models).

Any member donor who has given in 2013 is eligible to win, as well as any new members this week.  Become an International Bird Rescue member today!

Update, 9/16: Congrats to International Bird Rescue member Monica Duclaud of California, whose name was drawn for this giveaway!

Here’s Stephanie’s story:


Stephanie Kiker

I love living at the beach … and on an island: Hatteras Island, N.C. The smells, sounds, water, wind, wildlife — all make it a wonderful place to be. This place gives me inspiration for my artwork and creativity. Whether it’s on the beach, on the water, under the water, in the marshes, or in the sound, I enjoy creating my own interpretations and expressions of the wildlife and their surroundings. Textures, colors, patterns, shapes and movement all play a part in my pieces. I move from realism in my soft pastel works to bold graphic shapes, patterns and colors in my colored pencil and ink work.

I graduated from the School of Design at North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and continued in that direction after graduation. Having always enjoyed drawing and illustrating, I soon was in the screen-printing business, designing T-shirts along with the design work.

In 1996, I moved to Hatteras Island and began pursuing a career as a working artist. I now enjoy selling my artwork in many galleries and stores up and down the Outer Banks, as well as nationwide distribution on a variety of products: Giclee prints, ceramic tiles, cutting boards, iPhone covers, notecards, coin purses, coasters and more. My graphic design work includes a Gallery Guide for the Outer Banks, logos, brochures and marketing of my own work.

I feel lucky to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of this area and experience it much of the time through kiteboarding. Along with the exhilaration of the sport, it gives me the chance to be surrounded by the smells, sounds, water, wind and wildlife that inspire me so much.

You can check out Stephanie’s work at her website as well as her Facebook page.

Basic-Membership 3 Sustaining-Members

Cutting board designs by Stephanie Kiker

September 10, 2013

Become a member, double your donation!

Whether injured, oiled or orphaned, the birds we care for 365 days a year have some truly remarkable people supporting their recovery. Will you be one of them?

Every Bird Matters: Your support will help care for thousands of birds every year, including orphaned baby birds like this colorful American Coot chick. Make your membership gift today!

Every Bird Matters: Your support will help care for thousands of birds every year, including orphaned baby birds like this colorful American Coot chick. Make your membership gift today!

We’re pleased to announce that an anonymous member of International Bird Rescue has just offered a $10,000 matching gift for new members.

If you have yet to join, today’s a wonderful opportunity to do so: Every donation from now until the end of September will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000.

Join as a basic member for just $25, and you’ll receive an International Bird Rescue member window cling to show your membership pride, as well as a beautiful wildlife photo print.

Or, consider a sustaining membership. For as little as $10 a month, your support as a sustaining member of International Bird Rescue is an amazing way to ensure that injured pelicans, herons and other birds will be cared for. New sustaining members will receive the official Alex and Ani Pelican Bangle, designed exclusively for International Bird Rescue. (Please allow up to four weeks for your gifts to arrive.)

If you’re already a member, thank you so much. All members who have donated this year are entered into our membership sweepstakes. Congrats to our first winner, Melissa Berger, who will take home this custom-made fiber art pillow by Nestle and Soar.

Becoming a member is easy. Choose your membership level below to get started. Don’t miss your chance to have your membership donation doubled!

Thank you,

The team at International Bird Rescue

Basic-Membership 3 Sustaining-Members

August 26, 2013

Bird Rescue partner shout-out: Nestle and Soar (and how this pillow could be yours when you become a member)

Nestle & Soar-Tattoo Sparrow Pillow

untitled-44International Bird Rescue is fortunate to have some truly amazing small business sponsors. For this week’s shout-out, we highlight the work of Nestle and Soar, a fiber art studio founded by embroiderer and fiber artist Georgianne Holland just outside of Boulder, Colo. Nestle and Soar has donated a Tattoo Swallow Fiber Art Pillow for our membership drive. Become an International Bird Rescue member today and you could win!

Here’s Holland’s story:


Georgianne Holland

I began my adventure in the needle arts in the 1970s as a member of the Leman family, and my mom, Bonnie Leman, was an important figure in that resurgence of quiltmaking and the developing quilting industry. I am very proud of my family’s legacy. As the founding publishers of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, Quiltmaker Magazine, and the Quilts & Other Comforts catalog of books and supplies, my family witnessed the transformation over 30 years of thousands of independent creatives, who were mostly women, and the remarkable efforts they displayed in developing their artistic gifts.

In this creative and entrepreneurial environment, I learned to love textile arts and success stories of small-business savvy. I want to salute all the women who were faced with the stereotype in the late 1960s of, “The needle arts are not art, they are a woman’s domestic duty,” and turned those artistic skills into thriving careers and a significant contribution to the world of both art and fine craft! I am proud to be part of this transformation and this community.

The most recent textile adventure I have enjoyed began six years ago when I opened my current fiber art studio near Boulder, Colorado. I named my studio “Nestle and Soar” because I am a lifetime romantic about the majesty of trees and the colorful, glittering and whimsical presence of birds. As a mom, I completely relate to the term “nestle” as it pertains to gently holding my loved ones close to my heart. I love watching bird families make nests as I provide for our backyard birds! Many of my textile arts are created in the style of John J. Audubon, whose bird illustrations continue to be an inspiration to me, and dare I say it, make my heart soar.

As a businesswoman, I have always used a portion of my profits to support the Arbor Day Foundation, and am pleased to arrange for a tree to be planted in honor of my clients. I’m sure you realize that the trees that are planted in this manner are tiny — just little whispers of tree-goodness —but that is kind of the point! Each of us has the opportunity every single day to make a small yet heartfelt contribution to the health and well-being of our planet and of one another.

Operating my own design studio, workshop and online boutique, I am able to make small yet mighty daily contributions. I thank all of you for the support you give me through your interest in my textile arts!

I look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions about the hand needle felting, embroidery or elegant home decor items made here at Nestle and Soar studio, I invite you to send me a message. I am happy to answer as well as happy to learn about your favorite bird or tree so that I can help you enliven your home with the simple, elegant textiles that are handmade in Colorado here at Nestle and Soar.


Basic Membership Sustaining Members

August 21, 2013

Are you a member of International Bird Rescue? Join us!


Whether it’s a heron chick that has fallen from a high nest or a pelican targeted by human cruelty, every bird cared for at International Bird Rescue matters — and every bird has a story. Today, we’re launching a membership drive so that you can participate in helping to carry this message to the world.

When you become a member of International Bird Rescue starting at just $25, you become a part of our team that works to save wildlife in need every day.

We’re pleased to announce that an anonymous member of International Bird Rescue has just offered a $10,000 matching gift for new members. Every donation from now until the end of September will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000.

We have two membership types with accompanying gifts:CBD_Pelican_facebook_82013

Basic Membership: A one-time annual membership gift of $25 or more. Members at this level will receive an International Bird Rescue member window cling (hot off the presses!) and a wild bird photo print by photographer Dave Furseth.

Sustaining Membership: Starting at just $10 a month, sustaining members will receive an Alex & Ani pelican bracelet, a window cling and a complimentary, personalized sponsorship of our BirdCam Project.

Whether you sign up for basic or sustaining membership, you’ll also be entered to win one of several sweepstakes gifts, including:

Umbra bird feeders Perks2

• Alex and Ani pelican bangles

• A custom swallow fiber art pillow by Nestle & Soar

• A one-month unlimited membership to Corepower Yoga (locations in California, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon and Minnesota)

• A delightful seabird watercolor print by artist David Scheirer of Studio Tuesday

And more to be announced! Anyone who has given to International Bird Rescue in 2013 is eligible to win.

How else are we saying thanks? We’ll also list your name in our 2013 annual report as an official International Bird Rescue member. And on a quarterly basis, you’ll receive our online newsletter, featuring International Bird Rescue’s recent work in the world, compelling stories of birds in our care, contest giveaways and some of our favorite bird photography.

Join us and spread the word! And thank you for your generous support. 

Basic Membership   Sustaining Members