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Bird Counts

October 6, 2012

Birds in Care, October 6

September 27, 2012

Birds in Our Care, September 27

New patients this week include two American Coots, one Royal Tern and 1 Green Heron.

September 21, 2012

Friday Rounds

As is customary for end-of-the-week on our blog, International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area and Los Angeles wildlife care center teams have filled us in on the current number and species of birds in care. Here’s the combined tally from our two centers (current as of Thursday afternoon, September 20):

Thanks to Cheryl Reynolds and Neil Uelman for supplying this week’s numbers.

And to our Facebook followers, the answer to our trivia question is Whimbrel. Check out more on this amazing bird at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

September 14, 2012

Flying Through a Word Cloud

Just when you thought the art of word clouds was solely reserved for dissecting political speech in this campaign season…

Cheryl Reynolds, our volunteer and outreach coordinator at International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area wildlife care center, recently gave us an update on the number of current birds in care, which we promptly fed into Wordle to create the proportional image above. As you can see, Brown Pelicans continue to dominate our patient load.

Here’s the full break-down:

Birds in Care, San Francisco Bay Area wildlife care center, as of Thursday afternoon, September 13