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January 12, 2012

Pelican Love

Dear Love Birds,
It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Check out our Pelican Love Store, and show how much you care while helping to save sick and injured seabirds!

We invite you to read the story behind International Bird Rescue’s limited edition Valentine’s Day merchandise, as told by the artist and International Bird Rescue’s Director Emeritus, Jay Holcomb:

“During the Deepwater Horizon spill we rehabilitated oiled birds in the midst of a great deal of stress and human chaos. I  was very concerned about all the birds’ welfare and realized that the circumstances of the spill made it impossible to effect the change that I felt was needed. I could, however, hold the pelicans’ and other birds’ welfare in my mind as ‘cared for and safe.’ I drew a red heart with a pelican in front of it on a 4×8 card and placed it right above my computer so I could see it throughout the day. This very simple picture reminded me to let go of trying to control the situation and focus on the outcome I envisioned. This practice is based on the concept in quantum physics that quanta energy waves behave according to the observer. What we focus on creates our reality. This picture, in its simplicity, implied that the birds were ‘cared for and safe.’ In essence, I ‘held’ the birds in a state of safety in my focus. I did this many times each day. In the end we released over 80% of the oiled pelicans that came to us.”

Share Jay’s meaningful design with your friends, family and valentines through the seasonally exclusive merchandise found in our Pelican Love Store.

International Bird Rescue “Pelican Love” Mug International Bird Rescue “Pelican Love” Hoodie
Morning coffee in an International Bird Rescue Pelican Love mug works as a daily reminder to keep loved ones in mind as “cared for and safe.” There’s nothing sweeter than bundling your valentine in a Pelican Love hooded sweatshirt or long-sleeved T-shirt.
International Bird Rescue “Pelican Love” Puzzle International Bird Rescue “Pelican Love” Pet Bowls
Wrap up a Pelican Love Puzzle to remind your valentine how well you fit together. Other Pelican Love favorites include our first-ever International Bird Rescue pet bowls, a Pelican Love Beach Tote and much more!


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