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May 26, 2008

Good suggestions in final Cosco Busan spill report

The second and final report on the response Cosco Busan oil spill was released this month and there’s some very good recommendations on how to better coordinate wildlife responders in the event of another spill.

The recommendations included:

– Deploying more trained Search and Collection teams in a timely manner.

– Better communication between S&C teams and with supervisors.

– Improving security and enforcement in public areas where large numbers of oiled birds in distress are in need of collection. (Many oiled animals were scarred by out-to-lunch Joe Q. Public types walking dogs, running on beaches in sensitive areas where cold, tired and oiled birds beached themselves).

Also, the Oiled Wildlife Care Network’s (OWCN) Hotwash, a post spill meeting to shed light on the ups and downs of the response, provided a list of equipment that all Search and Collection teams need in the future. This included: maps, binoculars (made for low-visibility conditions), computers for entering data from field; flash lights, batteries, and redundant equipment. Some interviewees indicated that additional types of netting could be helpful in capturing groups of oiled birds.

The November 7, 2007 spill hit San Francisco Bay after the Cosco Busan container ship dumped 54,000 gallons of bunker oil into the waters during prime migratory bird season. The Coast Guard’s response and other state agencies has been under fire for it’s slow reporting efforts and its lackluster efforts to capture distressed birds in a timely fashion.

IBRRC is a long-time OWCN network member and its management and contract employees made many recommendations that were included in the final report.

The report is entitled: Incident Specific Preparedness Review (ISPR), M/V Cosco Busan Oil Spill in San Francisco Bay. PART II AND FINAL REPORT. It was released on May 7, 2008.

Download the full 80 page report here:


May 4, 2008

Good news for Bald eagles oiled in Alaska

There’s good news for most of the 30 Bald Eagles saved in Kodiak, Alaska in January after they tangled with a truck full of oily fish guts. At least 26 birds were successfully released back into the wild in the Kodiak area after being cared for at the IBRRC/Bird TLC bird center in Anchorage. Only two area still in care. Here’s the latest tally:

– 30 birds received
– 1 died the first night
– 29 birds washed
– 1 self released
– 28 birds moved to flight pens
– 1 bird developed a wing abscess
– 1 bird found starving & returned to Bird TLC

(As of this week, only two of the 30 original birds are in care)

Back in mid January 50 eagles of the majestic birds were coasted in fish oil after landing in an uncovered fish guts truck at the Ocean Beauty Seafood company. 20 of the birds suffocated with the birds rushed the truck. See the full story on the IBRRC website

May 1, 2008

Second darted goose rescued in Vacaville

A big thanks should go out to the good samaritan in Vacaville who rescued a goose with a dart in its head.

The Graylag goose was rescued by Kyle Fish, 22, Saturday at the Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville. He was visiting the park with his girlfriend when he noticed the goose and captured it after luring it with food. He waited with the goose at the park until Animal Control officers could transport the injured bird to the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) in nearby Cordelia.

There’s a $2,500 reward being offered to help find the person responsible for darting the goose. This is the second goose in the past few months found in the park area to be found with a needle like dart in its head.

More info on the IBRRC website