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November 15, 2007

Oiled birds everywhere in SF Bay

Read Jane Kay’s excellent article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle

Nearly 1.6 million shorebirds and waterfowl come to San Francisco Bay each year, most staying for the winter, some stopping on their way south. Wildlife experts fear that oil washing onto sandy beaches and wetlands threatens bird’s survival. See map

What worries experts most is that migrating birds are stopping in the spill soaked bay as they head south for the winter along the Pacific Flyway. Even a quick stop over may kill the birds as they leave with feathers contaminated by the oil.

So far, about 1,500 birds have been picked up dead or alive, including Scaups, Scoters, Grebes, Loons, Cormorants and even Marbled Murrelets and Snowy Plovers. See update on www.ibrrc.org

Wildlife rescue crews are still finding oiled birds in every nook and cranny of the bay. See: Search for birds goes on

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5 Responses to “Oiled birds everywhere in SF Bay”

  1. browncreeper Says:

    Thank you for your efforts. It’s inspiring!

    Minor point-They’re called Scaup, not “Scaub.”

    But really, please keep scrubbing. When you only see one or two of these species a year you really understand how a spill like this can have a huge effect.

  2. Russ @ IBRRC Says:

    Scaup…got it. Thanks for the spell check help!

  3. criticofone Says:

    Are you going to publish a list of the species that you have recovered from the spill?

  4. CHVNX Says:

    I feel so bad for animals effected by man made disasters.

    This madness should stop.


  5. Russ @ IBRRC Says:

    A complete list of birds affected by the spill will be compiled at the end of the response.

    Most of the birds treated include Scoters, Scaups, Grebes, Loons and Cormorants.

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